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MY STYLE: Daphne-Xean

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Daphne-Xean Sonny Inbaraj Krishnan

The frontwoman of Euphoria Band tells Eileen McCormick why elegant clothes make her miss her grandma in the Philippines, while revealing her SFX makeup secrets.

Good Times2: What is your attitude about fashion and what role does fashion play in your life?

Daphne-Xean: It’s important to me as a singer and everyday life because it helps to express my identity. It’s my non-verbal form of communication that helps people see who I am and what I am about. When I was growing up, the women in my family would make their own clothes. Unfortunately, I didn’t learn dress-making. When I see beautiful clothes, I feel nostalgic. It reminds me of my childhood, especially my grandma.

Good Times2: Describe your favorite outfit in which you feel like a queen.

Daphne-Xean: I love anything black with a touch of gold. Black and gold are my colors. I also love vintage lace chokers from the 90s and high-waist skirts. All these with an off-the-shoulder cut top makes me feel like a queen. I almost forgot to mention, I also must have a stylish pair of stiletto heels to complete the look.

I like to own my curves and not hide them. You know what I mean? In Cambodia, girls are supposed to look teeny tiny and expected to cover up. For me, it’s not the case.

Good Times2: Who inspires your fashion?

Daphne-Xean: What can I say when it comes to buying any products. My default response is “YouTube made me buy it”.

Good Times2: How do you dress when you’re on stage compared to your everyday life?

Daphne-Xean: On stage I avoid wearing lose clothes but at home I love wearing just a baggy T-shirt and a nice pair of slippers. On stage I have to be more aware of who my audience is and what they want to see in my performance. I have to make sure to own my kick arse femaleness. What I mean to say is that I wear tight fitting dresses that have an edge over my audience. I want to show the female prowess in me and not come off as weak or vulnerable. One of my accessories on stage is this wooden carved purple necklace a friend from Indonesia gave me.

Good Times2: What are your must have makeup products?

Daphne-Xean: I am OCD about makeup but not in the traditional way. I don’t need any one product to wear daily but I like to play around with makeup in a dramatic way. Before I get into my little side hobby with makeup, I’ll tell you how I first started out.

I first bought cheap brands like Morphe because they had a lot of colors and also did not break the bank. With these drug store brands I created my own YouTube channel. Through time, I developed a better understanding of brands. Now for traditional beauty looks, one of my favorites is liquid lipstick by Anastasia – a brand from Beverly Hills. My true passion with makeup however is SFX makeup.

Good Times2: Could you explain to me about SFX makeup?

Daphne-Xean: The best way to describe this style of makeup is “makeup illusions” where someone may look like a zombie or like they have been set on fire. I think most Asians would consider these as extreme Hollywood effects. I do this for friends and myself but I have never used it in a performance. Maybe I should.

Daphne-Xean is fascinated with SFX makeup. Photo: Supplied

Obviously I am not going to find good quality SFX makeup so I have to resort to DIY recipes that I find on YouTube. For example if I need to make fake-looking scares I’ll buy cornstarch and mix it with Vaseline. This makes it into a kind of wax and gives that horror look.

Good Times2: Please tell me where you get your nails done?

Daphne-Xean: Apple Nails across the street from the music shop on street 51. They are a special blend of colours that last a month. The reason they can last so long is that it’s made of gel and not the normal nail polish paint. It only costs $8. I don’t know if they would use the same gel for pedicures but you could always call them and ask. And for God’s sake don’t bite your nails and eat your polish.

Good Times2: Do you plan to have your own brand?

Daphne-Xean: Not exactly but this year my friend and I plan to open an online shop via Facebook selling inexpensive clothes in all sizes in both Cambodia and the Philippines.

Good Times2: Do you have any advice for youth fashionistas in Cambodia?

Daphne-Xean: Develop confidence before fashion because fashion is nothing without confidence.

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