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The ghost Ring

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“The Ghost Ring” is a one-and-a-half hour horror movie and it’s about a piece of family jewelry that is cursed.

The ring passes from one family to another, with the unsuspecting family not knowing that the ring has an evil spirit in it.

The ring has a history. It was found by a group of labourers when they were working in a field, and they sold it to a restaurant owner for cash.

But the spirit in the ring did not want to leave the field. Angered by the sale of the ring, the spirit then begins to haunt all those who wear the piece of jewelry.

“The Ghost Ring” is produced by LD Picture Productions, owned by Leak Lyda. The producer of “The Ghost Ring” is Chem Chandara, popularly known as Pakmi.

Sreykhouch, who plays the part of the ghost does some pretty awful stunts – like hanging on her head, running into deep water and putting her head into a fan running at full speed.

Horror aside, the film also has comedy and that takes the edge off the scary scenes.

The movie has popular stars and singers such as Yuk Thiratha and Khom Ponnadeth.

“The Ghost Ring” is due to be released soon in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap and will be screened in all cinemas in both cities.

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