Noir nights

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Chris Cole’s depiction of a girl in Pontoon Club. Supplied

US artist Chris Coles is based in Bangkok and Phnom Penh, captures below-the-surface reality of people, situations and social structures which inhabit and lie beneath the cities’ unique and poignant nightlife.

His exhibition “Noir Nights in Phnom Penh” opens in Meta House on January 30.

“Noir Nights in Phnom Penh is a view of the present moment filtered through my perceptions and point of view as an artist rather than an academic or objective analysis. But perhaps the imagination, intuition and instinct can sometimes provide illumination in a way that eludes a more rational and scientific approach,” writes Coles in New Mandala.

“While Phnom Penh’s come a million miles since the Khmer Rouge and Year Zero, it’s still a city with an edge, especially at night,” he adds.

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