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Call for more public toilets

Pech Sotheary / Khmer Times No Comments Share:
More public toilets are necessary to keep Phnom Penh clean and put a halt to public urination. KT/Mai Vireak

Interior Minister Sar Kheng has urged Phnom Penh authorities to install portable toilets on some major roads to prevent people from going to the bathroom in public.

Speaking at a Public Works and Transport Ministry meeting yesterday, Mr Kheng said he always saw people urinating on fences, trees or walls of houses when he travelled, especially along Norodom Boulevard, affecting the city’s natural environment.

“We should install portable toilets to avoid disorderly urinating on walls. When foreign tourists see that, they will say the country has problems.

“Especially in areas where land has been abandoned and is surrounded by fences, they stop and go the bathroom there without thinking.

“So we should put two or three portable toilets on the street. If they want to urinate, they can urinate there. This is a good thing.”

City Hall spokesman Met Meas Pheakdey said City Hall would hold discussions with relevant officials to study where to place the portable latrines, following the minister’s instructions.

“Expert officials will collaborate with officials from the public works department to determine where to put them,” he said.

Mr Meas Pheakdey also appealed to people travelling on the streets to help keep the city clean by using existing public toilets or just by planning ahead.

Tourism Minister Thong Khon has in the past encouraged all provinces and cities across the country to have standard public latrines to promote clean cities and reduce public urination.

In mid-2017, Phnom Penh City Hall built public latrines in nine locations in addition to the five pre-existing locations.

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