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Prison escapee stands trial

Buth Reaksmey Kongkea / Khmer Times Share:
flickr/Dave Nakayama/CC BY
flickr/Dave Nakayama/CC BY

A 34-year-old convicted thief was yesterday tried for attempting to escape prison while allowed out for labour duty in April.

Judge Top Chhunheng of Phnom Penh Municipal Court identified the convict as Ban Krak, who was imprisoned at PJ Prison in Phnom Penh.

Judge Chhunheng said Mr Krak faces a further one to three years in prison if convicted of attempted jailbreak. He said Mr Krak was convicted and sentenced to two years in prison for theft in 2016.

While Mr Krak was serving his term, he fled from jail after he was allowed by prison officers to leave his cell for labour duty.

“He escaped from the prison after he was almost finished with his two-year sentence,” he said.

“He would have been freed in just two more months.”

“He was later re-arrested by police a few days after his escape,” he added.

During yesterday’s trial, Mr Krak admitted his mistakes.

“The reason why I escaped from the prison was because I was homesick and missing my family,” he told the court.

“So when I was allowed to come out of the prison cell, there was a good opportunity and I fled. I would like to ask the court to reduce my sentence.” A verdict is due on January 25.

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