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GoGo Cambodia goes for Guiness record

Ven Rathavong / Khmer Times Share:
Vong La, a Krama weaver, demonstrating the use of the shuttle. Photo: KT/ Ven Rathavong

A group of young people have launched their campaign to claim the Guinness World Record for weaving the longest Cambodian scarf, i.e. the karma, on Friday.  The official record attempt will start on Valentine’s Day, Feb.14, 2018.  It is organized by GoGo Cambodia, an organization established by youths to promote Cambodian national pride.

The effort must produce a karma of at least 1000 metres length to fulfil the requirements set by Guinness World Records.

The process of gathering cotton threads for the warp. Photo: KT/ Ven Rathavong

Dr. Sann Vathana, from GoGo Cambodia, spoke at the launch to declare that the event will be open to the public.  “We join together to weave the longest krama in the world,” he said.  “We believe we can do it; the Khmer will do it to make Cambodia proud.”  He asked all to join in and support the effort and set the world record together.

This will make the record attempt a communal Cambodian effort, thereby enhancing its international recognition and impact.  Participation by the general public will also promote and maintain the Kingdom’s cultural identity, and boost solidarity and unity within it.

Participants pull a sample length of Krama at the launching ceremony. Photo: KT/ Ven Rathavong

Dr. Vathana could not say how long the kilometre-long weave will take; apparently there is no time restriction.

Krama weaver Vong La said that normally she can weave four metres a day. She has never tried to weave a karma of similar length, but is confident that she can do it.  “We will use our hands to weave the krama, and I believe that our Cambodia can do it.”

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