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Lumiere d’Asie in Meta House

Eileen McCormick / Khmer Times Share:
Alias2.0’s images defy reality. Supplied

French street artist Alias2.0 (who also DJs as Watt’s Up) held a light-painting photography show in Meta House last week. His creations usually exalt the vivacity of colors and abstract improvisations.

Alias2.0’s show communicates his perception of the world by creating images, which defy reality.

Originally born in France, Alias2.0 became involved with street art since 2007. He is currently based in Phnom Penh since 2016. He has eagerly committed himself to examining new ways of composing abstract graffiti and calligraphic ways of expression. His permanent longing for transformation and variation of style is cultivated through extensive travelling as well as the search for environments and sceneries that inspire new artwork.

His graphic style is rooted from the various of forms of graffiti and calligraphy existing in the world and his work oscillates between tradition and modernity. The result is an almost futuristic mix.

It draws on the diversity of patterns and colors that he discovered during his travels.

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