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Welcome to the jungle

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Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle is a spinoff from the original 1995 version and takes a hysterical aim at the RPG generation (Ever Quest/ World of War Craft).

Like the first movie the players get sucked into the world of Jumanji. However, only this time instead of having to complete a board game it is an old-school Nintendo one.

The cast or rather the players are Nerdy Spencer (Alex Wolff) who ends up in the avatar body of Dwyane Johnson, football star Fridge (Ser’Darius Blain) in the avatar body of Kevin Heart, self-absorbed Bethany (Madison Iseman) in the avatar body of none other than Jack Black, and Ivy League bound Martha (Morgan Turner) in the avatar of Karin Gillian.

The plot is as expected the only way to escape the game and the survival of the players hinges on them completing their tasks. So the four high school students try to survive in the Jumanji jungles as they face mammoth obstacles.

Each player is only given three lives and if they use up all those lives they are permanently dead in the game and also in real life.

The movie is not jam-packed with action as the first one, but the dialogue and comedy will have you laughing till your ribs hurt. For example, a high school queen bee is forced into a middle-aged man’s body and has to learn to pee standing up for the first time. Meanwhile, the gawky nerd who is afraid of his own shadow enters the body of a heavily built adventurer. The high school football star who is used to having power and strength becomes the bag carrier for the group. Life has its lessons and Jumanji teaches us that.

“Return the jewel to its rightful place and then call out Jumanji’s name and you win the game”. Catch this newly released movie in Phnom Penh theaters now.

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