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It’s not always easy finding someone we truly love and care about. Then one day, that person comes in to our lives, and they share the same feelings. Love is a wonderful thing; we feel the tendency to fight for that “rare” love. But what if that love turns out to be the sort considered forbidden? What if we fall in love with an addict, or an emotionally troubled person? What if we fall in love with a happily married man? What if we fall in love with our own flesh and blood? What if we fall in love with someone we cannot be with? What then?

Lochan is 17 and Maya 16. They both have to fulfill their duty as the eldest children in raising their three younger siblings: Kit, Willa, and Tiffin, while their alcoholic mother is too emotionally troubled to provide them enough attention or be of full support.

Weirdly shy, Lochan has never felt any comfort being intimate with girls. With Maya, on the other hand, it’s different. He would share his problems with her as he trusts her most, and so would she with him. Going through the same things, the duo forms a special connection more intimate than even friendship and family ties. They find themselves romantically involved with one another.

They both know their incestuous love for one another is not just frowned upon but also illegal, so they have tried to disregard their desire to make things right. But can they? Can you just dismiss your feelings when you’re so in love?

Which leads to the fundamental question: “How can something so wrong feel so right…?”

I have a strong craving for forbidden love stories. The more forbidden, the more heart-breaking, the more it touches me. I find it more authentic. I not only enjoy the love the characters have for one another, but I also get to relate to the pains, which in a way is really nice.

“Forbidden” pretty much fits into my favorite romantic fiction category, and it also touches a great number of readers. However, I still want more surprises; the book seems to be a little too predictable and plain despite the forbidden love story. Sure it made me cry but it is too “Romeo and Juliet” for me.

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