We Go Taxi app lets you go anywhere, anytime

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We Go Taxi

Go anywhere at any time you wish by clicking to order a taxi from We Go Taxi app. We Go Taxi is a mobile application which provides the user with an easy way to order any type of vehicle with just a click.

We Go Taxi provides a convenient taxi service by trained professionals with high morale and community concern in Cambodia. By just setting your current location and providing the drop-off place, you will get a taxi to take you with good service.

Recently, this app improved its drop-off function, which makes it more convenient. Moreover, this app allows you to set your current location or drop-off location directly on a map.

You can also track the driver who is going to pick you up by zooming in on the map; you can see when they will arrive, and how many minutes that you will need to wait. As for payment, We Go Taxi provides a convenient way for the user to pay for the ride, whether its directly to the driver or by one of the many other choices which you can find on the application.

The payment user experience has been improved recently in the updated version. You can get this mobile application for free on both App Store and Google Play.

Setting your current location

After you have downloaded the app from your store, the first thing you need to do is create your own account. Creating the account lets you access to this app; the drivers who are going to pick you up will need the information. It provides an easy way to set your current location and then provide a drop-off place. After that you need to click on “Set pickup”; now your driver is on the way to give you a ride.

Save your favorite places

This function will speed your order. By setting your favorite place, you can return to it later without bothering to provide the address again when providing pickup information.

Driver status

With this function, you can see how much time that your driver needs to spend to give you a ride. All the information about your driver is shown.

Location arrival alert

After you get your ride, this mobile app still has more services to offer, providing more information about your arrival. The app will tell you how long it will take you to reach the drop-off place.  

Arrival and feedback

After you have arrived, a function in the app will show you how much you need to pay your driver. There are many options for payment, including cash or credit card. Last but not least, you can also rate the driver’s quality and provide some comments.

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