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Hundreds of truck owners fined

Pav Suy / Khmer Times Share:
The trucks were found to be overloaded. Supplied

More than 300 overloaded trucks were fined nearly $135,000 last month, causing the Transport Ministry to call for stricter action to protect the country’s roads.

A Transport Ministry report said a committee comprised of ministry officials and law enforcement officers seized 307 overloaded trucks, resulting in fines totalling $134,825.

It added that 352 trucks had been fined in November, 45 more than December, and the overloaded trucks weighed from five to 25 tonnes.

At a signing ceremony for the renovation of National Road 5 yesterday morning, Transport Minister Sun Chanthol said the ministry would take stricter action against overloaded vehicles.

“The ministry will take stringent action against overloaded trucks which have caused damage to the roads and provoked criticism by our people,” he said.

He added that more weigh stations will be built across the country to prevent overloaded trucks from damaging roads.

Ministry spokesman Var Sim Sorya said the only action currently being taken was fining non-compliant vehicles.

“We haven’t taken stricter action yet because we want to let the people wake up. We can see the figure is down, which shows they are also afraid of being fined,” he said.

“The fining is already a hot issue. If we seized and kept their trucks for a period of time, it might cause serious unrest,” he added.

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