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Cambodia, Laos discuss border issues

A Cambodia-Laos joint border commission will soon check disputed border areas in person as both sides continue to attempt to resolve remaining issues.

Var Kim Hong, the chairman of Cambodia’s border committee, said yesterday after a closed-door meeting of the joint border commission that the two sides discussed border demarcation issues in Preah Vihear and Stung Treng provinces.

They discussed problems at the border along the Ropov river, Sa Laphav river, Sekong river, O Ta Ngav zone, border posts 002 and 003, O’Svay and Trapaing Kreal zones, the Trapaing Kreal border gate and National Road 7 connecting Route 13 in Laos.

He said the problem was related to border posts starting from the Mekong River, which both sides had not agreed upon.

“We agreed one time, but the last agreement impacted the villages of Cambodian citizens who are living in O’Svay zone. So we asked to move the border line inside Laos to avoid affecting our village,” he said, adding that both sides would continue discussions.

“From O’Svay to Trapeang Kreal, we already installed border posts, but we haven’t agreed.”

Mr. Kim Hong said Cambodia asked to install new border posts on the border line where both countries agreed. He said both sides disagreed on the border posts at the recently inaugurated Trapeang Kreal border gate.

“We have to study more in depth to find a solution and the exact location to install the border posts,” he said.

The last border issue was where National Road 7 connected with Route 13 in Laos, Mr. Kim Hong said. Cambodia asked to keep a big border post that remained from the French colonial period, he added.

“We will continue negotiating because we don’t have positive results yet,” he said, adding that the joint commission agreed to see the disputed locations in February or March.

Until now, 121 of 145 border posts have been installed, meaning that 83 percent of the border demarcation has been completed. The border between Cambodia and Laos is 533 kilometers.

Foreign Affairs Ministry spokesman Chum Sounry told reporters on Tuesday that Lao Foreign Affairs Minister Saleumxay Kommasith was satisfied with the result of border demarcation so far.

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