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Son Denies Ministry Claims

The son of a surrogacy clinic founder who is under investigation for forging documents and illegally carrying out surrogacy services yesterday denied the government’s claims that his mother was not cooperating with authorities, insisting instead that the government was at fault. 

Dylan Charles, the son of Fertility Solutions PGD founder Tammy Davis-Charles, added that police had also raided the offices of the fertility clinic to collect evidence. 

“She has been cooperating. It’s the government that has not been listening to Tammy,” Mr. Charles told Khmer Times.

“Yes, mum has given everything and her whole office was taken for evidence. We also need to protect intended parents’ privacy as well,” he added. 

He also denied claims by an Interior Ministry official who told Khmer Times on Sunday that Ms. Davis-Charles had asked to be allowed return to Thailand and personally retrieve documents requested by the Cambodian police. 

“No, that is not true at all. The only reason mum would want to go to Thailand is to see her twin sons,” he said. 

“Any documents would have been confiscated from her apartment. They took her laptop and mobile phone which would have more than enough information to prove her innocence,” added. 

Mr. Charles also defended his mother’s surrogacy work, stating that she has consistently prioritized the welfare of the surrogates and her clients.

“Tammy is the only nurse on the ground that with her team, takes the most care of the surrogates, donors and intended parents alike,” he said. 

“She is there for every step of the process and knows exactly what is needed from anyone involved with her. 

“I’m not a religious man but if I were, also without bias, I’d know she was an angel from above,” he added.

Ms.  Davis-Charles and two employees from Fertility Solutions PGD, were detained last month and charged with forging documents and acting as intermediaries between adoptive parents and pregnant women. 

Interior Ministry secretary of state Chou Bun Eng told Khmer Times on Sunday that Ms. Davis-Charles also risks human trafficking charges should she not provide authorities information on her clients. 

“We want her to cooperate with us to provide the names of those Australian parents and other relevant documents, but she has refused.


She wants to be released on bail and go to Thailand to bring those documents, but that’s impossible,” Ms. Bun Eng said on Sunday.

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