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Revealing Outfits Banned at Angkor Wat

Inappropriate dress will be strictly banned from Cambodia’s famed Angkor Archaeological Park starting next month, according to the Aspara Authority, the public organization tasked with managing the UNESCO World Heritage site.

After the ban is put in place, inappropriately dressed visitors at Angkor – those with bare shoulders, short shorts, short skirts or nothing at all – will be asked to change into less revealing outfits.

The ban hopes to “protect” Cambodian culture and the role the temples play therein, an Aspara Authority statement read.

“We announced the [ban] to all people, both Khmer people and foreigners, especially Khmer people who know clearly about Khmer tradition and culture,” Apsara Authority spokesman Long Kosal said.  

He added that the introduction of the Angkor Visitor Code of Conduct, which urges visitors to respect Angkor by refraining from revealing clothing or nudity, had done much to curb such practices amongst visitors to the park.

Still, Mr. Kosal said, isolated cases of inappropriate dress persist, not only at Angkor but at other sites vital to Khmer culture around the country.

“We call for all to respect shrines when they visit, but the Apsara’s announcement mainly focuses on the Angkor temples.


Temples at other places are the responsibility of local authorities,” Mr. Kosal said, adding he did not expect the ban to impact tourist traffic to the temples.

According to an official report, the Angkor Archaeological Park generated $31 million in revenue in the first six months this year, up 1.75 percent from the same period last year.

Relevant ministries, the travel agent association, tour guide association, hotel association, tourist transport association and tourism operators around the country have been made aware of the ban.

The ban comes on the heels of a number of instances last year of tourists either posing nude or in revealing clothing.

Two American sisters, Leslie and Lindsey Adams, were arrested last February after taking photos of their bare buttocks at Preah Khan temple.

A week earlier, three French tourists were deported after they were caught taking nude photos of each other and models at Angkor Wat.


Lindsey Adams, 22, and her sister were discovered taking ‘nude pictures’ at Preah Khan temple last year. Cambodia Expats Online


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